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Orphaned kitten's crying stops with adopted mum-cat's love.

Obie was found alone and scared in a field at just 7 weeks old. With her foster family she cried non-stop, waking them at 4am with her loud cries. After a few days, her fosterer introduced Obie to lovely Duchess. Duchess (about 3 years old) already had 4 beautiful kittens with the RSPCA which were all adopted a few weeks before. Duchess was waiting to find a new home.

Obie immediately bonded with Duchess – and Duchess looks after Obie like her own kitten (even trying to suckle her). Obie transformed – the crying stopped and she had found a new Mum.

Now both Obie and Duchess are ready for a new home, and we don’t want to split them up.

Both are a little shy, and benefit from being a pair. Duchess is a favourite with her foster family, and every week she gains in confidence. She’s desperate for more space and lots of love. Obie is a playful baby (now 9 weeks) and whilst she can still be unsure, she loves to snuggle with her fosterer’s family.

This pair would appreciate an experienced new home – with people who can talk ‘cat’. They’re a special pair with a lot to give – can you offer them their ‘forever home’?


Adopters must be within 1 hour's drive of Barnsley.


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