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Adopting is one of the best things you will do. Knowing that your new furry family addition has been given a better life, with love and care, that they may not have otherwise had, is a great feeling. 

Depending on each circumstance, this can take considerable time with a lot of tender loving care, quality food, medication and vet consultations. We always provide neutering, full vaccinations, worm and microchip all our cats and dogs before they come to you.

Our cats and dogs are not free. In order to try to recover some of our pre-adoption costs, which are paid for entirely with public funding, we ask a fixed donation which is non- refundable.

At Barnsley RSPCA, we are all about rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing pets to loving forever homes.

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Foster Cats

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General info

All our cats and kittens are cared for by volunteer fosterers, in their own homes, until the best, most appropriate home is found for that particular cat. We don't have an animal centre, but we do also board some adult cats at RSPCA Doncaster, to avoid overusing outside pens.

Although we can't guarantee that every adoption will be a success, we do everything we can to match the right cat with a new owner and circumstances, and we provide extensive support during and after the re-homing transition, in order to try to ensure as smooth a process as possible for everyone, resulting in happy cat and owner.

Our adult cats have all been judged to be ready for rehoming, and have seen a vet for a health check.  They have sometimes come from difficult backgrounds, and we want to give their new adoption the best possible chance of success.  

Adult cats can be uncomfortable around new people. For this reason, we ask all potential adopters to visit the foster home, spend some time with the cat, perhaps repeat a visit, and only then return to collect the cat.  Our cats may also need to return to our vet in Barnsley for a second vaccination, up to 3 weeks after collection.

For these reasons, we ask that all potential adopters live within between 1-2 hour's drive of Barnsley.

Home Checks

We love our foster cats. We like to know where they're going to live next so we will ask to see in and around your living space, sometimes with the aid of videos and photos, if we have considered you a possible match from the information on your Perfect Match Form.

Adoption Fees

Everything we do costs a lot of money, and the funds we have available to use are generously donated to us by the local public, so we have a duty to try to recover what we spend.

These costs include (but are not restricted to) :

Good quality cat and kitten food, litter, litter trays, bedding, worming and flea treatments, vet visits, veterinary treatments (these vary with each cat), microchipping, neutering, vaccinations, and sometimes much more... (plus lots of love, patience and time from our fantastic fosterers!).

To try to recover some of what we spend, we ask a fixed donation for adoptions.

Due to the extensive work we do to try to get everything right, this is normally non - refundable. However, we recognise that sadly not all adoptions are a success - often through no fault of the adopter or the cat. In these cases a cat will have to be returned to us by the adopter if we are satisfied that our advice has been followed, and a reasonable length of time has been allowed for the cat to settle. We expect this to take a few weeks.

Cats £95

Kittens £125

Any pedigree cats we offer will have their own individually priced fee.

This cost includes:

  • Microchipping

  • Neutering

  • Full Vaccination (which lasts for one year)

Other info

Cat Friends (pairs to be re-homed together)

Some cats or kittens become attached to a friend or sibling whilst in fostering, or they may have come to us as a pair, so we re-home them together if we feel they will benefit from this. These cats will have a 'heart' logo against their names. We will not separate these pairs of cats on request.

'Indoor' or 'House' cats

We prefer to rehome cats to a home which can provide some form of safe outdoor access (e.g. a cat enclosure or 'catio', if they cannot free-roam), as well as a rich indoor environment which provides ample mental stimulation, space to exercise and encouragement to play, access to different heights for climbing, and, with the occasional exception, the ability to interact with another cat. 

If you are looking for an indoor cat, please let us have further information in your Perfect Match Form about how you can provide a safe and stimulating environment that will meet the special needs of an indoor cat.

More information on ideas and what needs to provided can be found on the RSPCA National site: .

Moving Home or Going on Holiday Soon?

Please remember some of these cats are likely confused and scared, and urgently need some stability.

If we have decided a cat is ready to go to a new home, it is time now, and we would like to get them out of foster, and settled into their lovely new home as soon as possible.

If you would like to be considered for adopting, please wait until you come back home to apply. We will, and cannot keep cats until you return, because spaces are also precious.

Foster Cats Ready for Adoption

All the cats below are in foster homes with us in Barnsley.

They are available until they have an 'I'm Reserved' or 'Re-homed' notice.


Our Enquiries Line has a very high volume of calls and messages from members of the public who are often very worried about animals. As busy volunteers, we only have limited time to respond to these so please do not ring our Enquiries Line asking for adoption details - if you would like to express an interest in one of our cats, please fill in the Perfect Match Form below, so that we have the details we need.


Due to a high volume of interest, we are only able to contact the person we feel is the best match for the cat, and we can chat and answer any questions you might have when we call.

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Adoption Fees
Perfect Match Form
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Perfect Match Form

Dogs Info
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Our Dogs

We don't have an animal centre at Barnsley, so any dogs brought to us from the Barnsley area by Inspectors, or rehomed to us, are rehabilitated and re-homed  by our colleagues at Chesterfield Branch, using kennel space which we rent from them.

If you would like to consider a dog from us, please follow the link below, to see both our dogs and Chesterfield's, and fill in a form if you see someone you would like to adopt. 

Thank you for considering re-homing.

Please do not contact Barnsley branch directly.

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