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Cat Allergies not an Issue for Hope and Tigger's new Family!

'We sadly lost our previous cat Masie to the Feline Leukemia Virus late in 2019 and my wife and kids were devastated.

We wanted to get another cat or cats, but almost felt guilty doing it too soon.

I really wanted to use a rescue centre as I did with Masie, and after searching the Internet contacted Barnsley RSPCA about 2 lovely kittens.

We phoned up and went to see them on Christmas Eve.

They were both stunning, friendly and had obviously been looked after - they needed a new home due to difficult circumstances.

Brother and Sister, Marley and Hope, joined our family and are perfect - never been scratched or bitten - they are very loving, sit on you and cuddle you for hours.

They are currently having an amazing time now we have started letting them outside!

Having never had kittens before we had great support from the RSPCA with their toys and kitten food, vaccines and advice when I needed to ask something.

Allergic reactions were initially a worry, but there was no way we were giving them back. I read that your body's immune system accepts it after a couple of months and with the help of Piriton, this seems to be true, as my allergies have now completely gone.

They have been a wonderful addition to our family, distracting my wife as she completes her cancer treatment - and now as we're all at home in lock down.

It might take a bit if research and a few weeks but take your time and please use a charity rescue centre, as there are so many lovely cats and kittens needing a home, and they will ensure your pet is right for you.'

Chris, Helen, Holly, James, Marley and Hope

Article by Izzie Kirk for RSPCA Barnsley & District.


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