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Grey Cat

RSPCA Barnsley & District has a glittering reputation for rehoming cats and kittens.

People flock from every corner of Britain - (just this year, from East Lothian In Scotland, to Caterham, Surrey, Sherbourne and Dorset in the far South, bringing in 100+ adoption forms per cat), to try to welcome 'perfectly matched' feline friends from our Branch into their loving homes, and give them another chance to enjoy life, play, love and enjoy fuss and friendships with human and animal friends alike.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we’re fearing, like other animal rehoming charities, that there will be waves of unwanted cats coming to us from people who will no longer work from home, so no longer have the time - from people who no longer have the money to look after pets they bought in lockdown, due to furloughing or losing jobs - or simply because they suddenly realise the financial cost of pet parenthood.

Somehow, as a small group of volunteers, we will have to find a way to deal with that - and so to help us cope, we urgently need to find someone local to the Barnsley area to volunteer who adores cats and has the time, space, patience, and love to temporarily care for our adult cats until they’re well enough, or confident enough to go to the right homes that we painstakingly find for them.

Kittens are easy. Everyone wants to cuddle kittens, but adult cats need different attention. They need a quiet place of their own (a spare room which would give them a safe space for cuddles and interaction without confrontation from other cats living in the house), or, if that isn’t possible, we can provide outdoor pens to keep everyone safe, warm and happy.

The cats we rehome may have suffered cruelty or neglect so the time they spend with you could range from a couple, to several weeks, depending before they can move on to a permanent home.

We provide all the food, bedding, toys, support and veterinary care. You provide the love, attention, patience, time and space to help us rescue, rehabilitate and rehome some of the (often most frightened, at first) but loveliest cats you’ll ever meet. 

Please can you help us help them?

Let us know a little bit about yourself on our form, here.

Thank you.

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