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Adopt. Don't shop.

Adopting is one of the best things you will do. Knowing that your new furry family addition has been given a better life, with love and care that they may not have otherwise had is a great feeling. 

Depending on each cat's circumstances this can take considerable time with a lot of tender loving care, quality food, medication and vet consultations. We always provide neutering, full vaccinations, worm and microchip all our cats and dogs before they come to you.

Our pets are not free. In order to try to recover some of these pre-adoption costs, which are paid for entirely with public funding, we ask a fixed donation which is non- refundable.

At Barnsley RSPCA, we are all about rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing pets to loving forever homes.

Rescue    Rehabilitate    Re-home

Cute Dog

Dogs & Rabbits to Adopt

Due to the fact that we don't have an Animal Centre, all dogs and rabbits  brought to us from the Barnsley area by Inspectors, are rehabilitated and rehomed by our colleagues at Chesterfield Branch.


Please do not contact us if you are interested in adopting a  dog or rabbit, but contact Chesterfield directly on 01246 273358


Adopting Cats

Finding your purrfect match

Next Steps

If you'd like to give one of our cats or kittens a new loving forever home, here's a guide to our adoption process.

Take a look below at the cats we have waiting for adoption. If you don't see your perfect match here, we may have others currently being fostered, so it's worth contacting us with your details so that we can try to match you up.

Cost. Our cats and kittens are not free. In order to try to recover some of the pre-adoption costs, which are paid for entirely with public funding, we ask a fixed donation which is non- refundable.


Cats £95

Kittens £125

Cat friends. Some cats or kittens become attached to a friend or sibling, so we re-home them together. These will have a             against their names.

Reserved notes. Cats who have an 'I'm Reserved' note are no longer available.


You do need to be within ONE HOUR 15 MINS' drive of Barnsley AND NO MORE  to qualify to apply, so please check this first.


To register an interest in a cat on our website (or just generally, while you wait for others to come in)  you need to fill in a Perfect Match Form. This tells us a bit about you and your lifestyle, and helps us find a match for you. If you've seen a cat you like on the website, you can tell us on the form.

Please DO NOT follow your application up by contacting us with more information, the information on the form is sufficient for us to know if your match is good. If this is the case, we will then contact you for further details.

Please note, we are all volunteers, some with jobs as well, so we can only contact those we have found a successful match for.

Home checks We love our cats, and so they're looked after in our volunteer fosterers' own homes. We like to know where they're going to live next so we will ask to see in and around your living space, sometimes with the aid of videos and photos.

Settling In Once you have met and connected with your new friend, we'll fill in adoption paperwork, offer you advice on how to look after them and ensure you understand your new responsibilities, offering support as you help your new friend settle in.

Let's have a look and see who we have waiting for a new home.


sorry, we have no cats available for adoption just yet.

please check back soon

Dog & Cat Pals


Do you qualify?

Under COVID regulations, to qualify for adoption assessment you must be within 1 hour 15 mins drive of Barnsley and no more.

  1. Check your distance first by clicking 'Directions' in the Barnsley bubble on the Map below.

  2. Apply via the online Perfect Match Form below, taking care to press the 'Submit' button.

Kindly note: Phone calls, texts, web chats and emails and queries about distances further afield will be regarded as invalid.

We are grateful for all applications to home our cats but we only have the time to call successful matches.

Thank you.