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About Adopting

Adopt, don't shop.

Adopting is one of the best things you will do. Knowing that your new furry family addition has been given a better life, with love and care that they may not have otherwise had is a great feeling. 

Depending on each cat's circumstances this can take considerable time with a lot of tender loving care, quality food, medication and vet consultations. We always provide neutering, full vaccinations, worm and microchip all our cats before they come to you.

Our cats and kittens are not free. In order to try to recover some of these pre-adoption costs, which are paid for entirely with public funding, we ask a fixed donation which is non- refundable.


Cats £85

Kittens £110

At Barnsley RSPCA, we are all about rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing pets to loving forever homes.


Cats Needing Forever Homes

Please fill in and submit the form below to apply.


1. Click on the file below to download.

2. Find the file (usually in your 'Downloads' folder or similar).  Open it, fill it in, (sometimes Word will prompt you to 'enable editing' before you can type) -  and then 'Save'.

3. Click the button below. This should open a new email.

Attach the 'Perfect Match Barnsley' form by either clicking the paperclip icon and locating it (again in 'Downloads' by default) or dragging it into the email. Then 'Send'. 


Click a cat's photo to view its page.

Cats featuring the          symbol are to be re-homed together.





Cats displaying the 'I'm Reserved' note are no longer available.

we're reserved

 Violet & Albert F/M  9 Weeks  

          Lucy F  12 Weeks         


Dogs & Rabbits Needing Forever Homes

For the time being, dogs and rabbits from the Barnsley area, brought in by Inspectors, are looked after by our colleagues at Chesterfield Branch.

If you would like to know which dogs or rabbits Barnsley Branch currently have available, please call 01246 273358