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'Kitten Season' is nearly upon us, and soon there will be some unfortunate mum-cats looking for somewhere 'safe' to have their babies.

Sadly not everywhere they choose is as safe as they think, and often mums are struggling to feed themselves, let alone their kittens.

If you find a  mum-cat and her kittens, or kittens with no mum in sight in your garden or home, please don't disturb them, but you can call us for help on 07823 550 886.

Thank you for caring.

Special  Appeal



German Shepherd

Male  11 Months old

Ted, King of Hearts...

The heart. That great source of fire and love and fury, and whose beat is the very drumming of life itself. It is Ted’s heart which brings such joy to those around him and such light to his eyes, that smile to his face and vigour to his every step. His is a good heart but, regrettably, a weak one. A Damoclean one. But one which will love you with everything it has. 

As such, Ted is a dog defined by his heart - for better and for worse. 

For better because this eleven month old Shepherd has such a remarkable capacity for love, affection and - due to his background - forgiveness. He has suffered tremendously in his short life but remains incredibly affectionate and has a tremendous eagerness for fuss and attention, he dotes wholly on whoever he happens to be with. He is an utter joy to be in the company of and cuddles are very much the order of the day. Though, as with any true Shepherd, he has a propensity for daftness, silliness and a love of bouncing! 

However, on the flipside, he was born with a quite severe heart murmur that means that he struggles to maintain weight and which may affect his long-term lifespan - or it may not, such is the way with murmurs - but any potential owner must be aware that his biggest strength is also his most treacherous weakness. 

More generally, Ted is a uniquely clever and curious boy with a real penchant for puzzle solving. Any potential owner will need to be able to offer him plenty of opportunity for stimulation and exercise in order to keep his mind sharp. He loves his toys - and is more than willing to make his own games when they aren’t being provided by others! He’s also a quite strong boy who will need an owner who is fairly robust and thus is able to handle him. 

Ted is looking for a home with children aged twelve and up, due to his bounciness and daftness, and will need some basic training as he has never yet had the pleasure of normality. He does, however, get on nicely with other dogs - though he might be a bit much for a cat. 

Such is Ted. A star and a gem and a best friend. If you are able to accommodate and understand his health concern, then you will find yourself a special dog who will give you the happiest of times, every day with Ted is better than any without.

For more information and to apply, please visit Ted's page https://chesterfield-rspca.org.uk/ted-d2020107/


Missing pets...

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We are a team of volunteer trustees with a network of fantastic volunteer fosterers, who care for rescued and abandoned animals in their own homes, and then pair and re-home them into suitable new homes with new pet-parents.

Our RSPCA branch is a separately registered charity, primarily responsible for raising our own funds locally.

In short, we are affiliated to the national RSPCA Society, but not funded by them.

We never put a healthy animal to sleep except on the considered advice of vets.


Our Area

This map shows all the areas covered by Barnsley & District Branch (in pink).


Our area works on a postcode system. It applies to things like whether you may be eligible for free microchipping at events, or reduced cost neutering.


As all branches are independent charities, we don't want to step on the toes of others, so if you're not in the pink area, here are some other useful local branch numbers to try.


Remember: If you are concerned about the welfare of an animal (i.e. abuse or neglect) always ring 0300 1234 999. 

Branches are not able to deal with abuse or neglect cases:



01142 898050


Doncaster, Rotherham & District:

01302 719790


Leeds, Wakefield & District:

01132 536952


Thanks to...

It goes without saying (or does it?) that we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who volunteers tirelessly for hours, around the clock to keep our Branch operating, through sad and exhausting times and fun times alike- and often alongside their normal work in order to pay bills.

It's hard work, but the rewards are so worth it.

We'd also like to say a big thank you to everyone who donates food, litter, blankets, toys, puts cash in our tins, offers cheques and leaves us legacies, we cannot survive without you.

Many thanks too, to our colleagues at Chesterfield Branch who help us enormously, caring for our Barnsley dogs and rabbits and preparing them for adoption - and to our charity shop volunteers.

..and to Tesco (Stairfoot & Penistone), Morrisons (Barnsley) Cookes Pet Store and Abbey Vets for housing our Donation Boxes.

Finally, to the special people below who regularly help or donate without whom we would be lost:

The Toone Family

Mr & Mrs Horsley


Julie Kitchen Childminders

Mrs Catherine Liddemore

Mr Richardson

Sue Hunter and Emma Hamer

Dawn Hewitt

Margaret Broadhead

Bill & Janice Lunn


Michaela & Rory Wild

Julian and Michelle Kemp

from the Branch Trustees