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F   14 Years

Susie 1.jpg

Are you looking to add a sweet and loving companion to your home? Meet Susie, a beautiful senior cat in search of her forever family.

Susie is 14 years young, she’s in good health (recently vet-checked) and has been well cared for and loved. 

Susie is a happy cat, she likes to talk at meal times and watch the world from a windowsill.  She’s a little quiet at first and will need time to adapt to a new home, but she is friendly, enjoys treats and chin scratches and toys.

Susie would thrive in a calm and quiet environment where she can enjoy plenty of love and space when she needs it, and lots of attention when she wants it. 

Susie’s previous owners were sadly unable to care for her anymore, so we’re hoping to find a new loving home where she can be cherished through her golden years.

How To Apply

Apply using our online Perfect Match Form
We read every Perfect Match Form that arrives, thoroughly.
Sometimes we can receive around 100 applications for one cat, and because we're very busy volunteers, we can only reply to the person we feel is the best match for that specific cat.
We understand that you're excited to know if that's you, but please respect our procedure and refrain from sending follow up contact.

Thank you.

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