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F   1-2 Years

Are you searching for a feline friend who's not just cute but full of life and love? Meet Rosie, the pretty fluffball who's ready to charm her way into your heart!

Rosie is a rescue from a home full of cats and kittens - she was feeding her own kittens and 2 others from different litters.   She loves people and is desperate for fuss and attention, but she’s also a bit wary and might have had some difficult experiences in the past – so she needs to be gently introduced to consistent and loving care.  Rosie loves food and will be easy to get to know with the help of her favourite treats.

Her ideal home is with someone who’s experienced with cats and is patient and has time to gain her trust. 

Rosie has been neutered, and is ready now for her new beginning.

How To Apply

Apply using our online Perfect Match Form
We read every Perfect Match Form that arrives, thoroughly.
Sometimes we can receive around 100 applications for one cat, and because we're very busy volunteers, we can only reply to the person we feel is the best match for that specific cat.
We understand that you're excited to know if that's you, but please respect our procedure and refrain from sending follow up contact.

Thank you.

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