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Polly and Basil

F/M 10 Years old

Polly and Basil.jpg

Brother and sister pair, Polly and Basil, are big adorable black cats who come from a loving home but find themselves in need of a new home.  They’ve always lived together and we don’t want to separate them.  Basil is the boss, but he's a lovely boy - and very unusual.  He's a polydactyl - meaning he has extra claws and big feet.

These cats are quiet and friendly and will be a relaxed addition to your family.  See them here:

Basil and Polly would be very suitable for an older person, or for people who want calm and settled cats to fill their home.

They are currently living with a foster carer who will be happy to tell you more about these sweet cats.

How To Apply

Apply using our online Perfect Match Form
We read every Perfect Match Form that arrives, thoroughly.
Sometimes we can receive around 100 applications for one cat, and because we're very busy volunteers, we can only reply to the person we feel is the best match for that specific cat.
We understand that you're excited to know if that's you, but please respect our procedure and refrain from sending follow up contact.

Thank you.

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