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F   2 - 5 Years old

Sweet little Carrie is a gentle girl who loves to spend time playing with her foster carer.

To watch Carrie snuggle and play now, you’d never believe what a difficult life she’s had.  Inspectors found her in a home with aggressive dogs, where she’d tried to protect her 5 very young kittens.  She was terrified, and spent weeks hiding in a box with her nose in the corner, caring for her kittens.

After lots of careful and loving attention from her foster mum, Carrie has come out of her shell, and grown in confidence and curiosity. 


Look at her playing here.

We’re looking for a quiet home, without dogs - although she will tolerate another cat.  Carrie needs an adopter who is patient and can give her the time that she needs.  In return she’ll be a loving and beautiful companion.

Carrie is neutered and vaccinated, and we’re thrilled that she’s ready for her new home now. 

How To Apply

Apply using our online Perfect Match Form
We read every Perfect Match Form that arrives, thoroughly.
Sometimes we can receive around 100 applications for one cat, and because we're very busy volunteers, we can only reply to the person we feel is the best match for that specific cat.
We understand that you're excited to know if that's you, but please respect our procedure and refrain from sending follow up contact.

Thank you.

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