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4 Stunning Kittens

F/F/M/M   10 Weeks

We have 2 girls and 2 boys, about 10 weeks old.  They are chunky kittens with thick fur, and they are very pretty and friendly – they’ve been raised in a foster home since they were 6 weeks old.

·         Bo Peep is a tortie girl – she’s slightly more shy than the others, but just as friendly.

·         Tinkerbell is a pale tortoiseshell girl – very unusual colouring.

·         Bear is a laid-back long-haired grey boy – he’ll need help with grooming.

·         Tigger is a lively tabby and white boy.

Watch them play on Youtube:

These kittens will be ready for new homes during the week beginning 10th June.  We will give preference to applications for pairs of kittens, although they are available individually.

How To Apply

Apply using our online Perfect Match Form
We read every Perfect Match Form that arrives, thoroughly.
Sometimes we can receive around 100 applications for one cat, and because we're very busy volunteers, we can only reply to the person we feel is the best match for that specific cat.
We understand that you're excited to know if that's you, but please respect our procedure and refrain from sending follow up contact.

Thank you.

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