Rosie & Friends are RSPCA Champions!

Volunteers, cats and kittens would like to say a huge thank you to super suppawter Rosie Brown for the hand-knitted blankets she kindly delivered yesterday.

Rosie’s school friend set up a project club during lockdown and after Rosie heard about an RSPCA appeal for kitten blankets, she decided to focus on that. With the help of Nana, Granny, Denise, Gaynor and with Mum Vicki on standby, Rosie knitted 14 blankets.

Rosie and her friends at project club have also created and sold a book of their favourite recipes and have so far raised £650.00! The proceeds will be split between the NHS and RSPCA and we are so grateful that Rosie thought of us. She’s a real champion for animals.

Thank you, Rosie