Desperately Seeking 'Poh' (Stairfoot)

Poh is around 15 months old, white and tabby (mainly white underneath and tabby on top), with a distinctive little "smudge mark" on the side of her nose .

Poh was last seen on the morning of Saturday 26th September 2020, in her local area, Hoyle Mill Road, Stairfoot, Barnsley S70.

Poh is chipped, although when her house-mate went missing (chipped at same time and place), her chip was unreadable so it could be very possible that Poh's chip could be the same.

It is very out of character for Poh to not be home at the same time every day for her dinner so her mum and dad are growing increasingly concerned about her welfare.

Most, if not all, local vets, rescue centres etc. have been contacted, her chip company, as well as Barnsley Council and the Northern Railway Service, as her home is not very far away from the railway bridge going over Doncaster Road, as well as searching in and around the local area.

If you are in the area, please look out for Poh- her owners are desperately worried about her. If you have valuable information about her whereabouts, please let them know, 24/7 on 07538668958.