Christmas Raffle WINNERS

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

This year we're delighted to announce the winners of the Christmas Raffle were as follows:

A hand crafted reindeer - Ticket 0524 - Paul Porter

Cat Goodies Hamper - Ticket 0722 - Mark Lindley

Dog Goodies Hamper - 0030 - Emma Hamer

People Goodies Hamper - Ticket - 0251 - S Wilson

Festive Bottles (alcohol) - Ticket 0303 - Sarah Williams

Foot Pampering set - Ticket 0886 - J Robertson

Congratulations everyone and thank you for supporting us!

This year, our Christmas Raffle will be drawn the weekend of 19th December by shop customers.

All of our prizes have been generously donated by members of the Barnsley public and include:

A hand crafted reindeer

Cat Goodies Hamper

Dog Goodies Hamper

People Goodies Hamper

Festive Bottles (alcohol)

Foot Pampering set.

Raffle tickets are available from our Market Street (Town) and Wombwell High Street shops and are 50p each. All proceeds go to RSPCA Barnsley & District Branch.

Winners will be published on our website and on our Facebook page.

We are aware that there is a misprint in the telephone number on the raffle tickets. Please note the correct number is 07870 989164.

Thank you.