• RSPCA Barnsley & District

Bella and Max like butterflies...and all things nice!

Having been adopted out as kittens, this lovely brother and sister were brought back to us, hissing and spitting and growling, with total character changes.

After much love and patience, they then went on to have an amazing life in Lincolnshire with their new, loving family.

They have settled in really well and now they have a cat flap they are in and out like mad. Bella is a right little explorer and Max is a great big sleepyhead! Bella still likes to be up early and get me up at the same time but once she has food and the cat flap open she is happy. She is on the go all day and chases everything in the garden.

We have had presents of butterflies from her and she has a particular talent for digging up worms and bringing them in! Nice! Max thinks he’s a dog and brings sticks and feathers in to play with. We are not sure how he gets them through the cat flap but they appear regularly. Max likes to sleep on my head at night and I usually end up with his paws on my face. It’s like having babies again, sleep is a distant memory. Lol

They have really become part of the family and we would be lost without them.