M 2 Years approx

Advertising date:  4th January 22

Our beautiful tabby boy Cooper was brought in by RSPCA Inspectors after a caring member of the

public reported him as limping badly - which vets found was due to a cat-bite abscess which is now fully better.

He has obviously been owned but sadly Cooper had no microchip and vets estimate that he is approx 2 years old.

He is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready to find his forever home.

Coopers' fosterer says that he was quite wary at first but now loves a fuss and really loves his food.

He has been "eating for England" since he arrived so has put on quite a few pounds and is now a big boy!!


It appears that Cooper has been surviving on his wits for quite a while. Having been living on the streets he does not like dogs and indeed we would like him to be the  only pet in the household as he deserves to have a family all to himself.

Any children should be teenagers and above in the household please -  as any prospective owners need to realise that he has been let down by humans in the past and needs to trust again.

This means that he will take time to settle and needs to be given the time and space

to do this in his own time.

He has had a rough start to his young life but those stunning emerald green eyes tell us that he would love his very own family.

Applicants need to

Be within 1 hour's drive of Barnsley.
Apply via the online Perfect Match Form
We read thoroughly, and consider every Perfect Match Form that arrives.
As we're all very busy volunteers, unfortunately we can't reply to all of the many, many applications we receive (sometimes that can be 100 applications for one cat!). 
If the perfect match person comes along, we'll endeavour to make contact within 10 days of the Advertising Date.
Please don't ring, text, email etc.

Thank you.