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F 4 Months approx

Advertising date:  7th January 22

Chrissie (tabby) and Lorna (tortie)  were found outside and alone in December and are approx 4 months old.

Chrissie quickly adjusted to the home life but Lorna has been very scared from the moment she arrived and is still quite nervous but will now happily sit on her fosterers knee and purr away - but this has taken time and patience.

They love to play with toys and cardboard boxes, and are a joy to have around.

Both are flea and worm treated and have been spayed and are about to have their final vaccination, and are then free to find their new forever home.

Despite being so scared neither kitten has ever been aggressive - we have never seen claws or teeth, though Lorna may still offer a half-hearted hiss to strangers!!


Whoever adopts these two gorgeous girls must realise that Lorna will take time to adjust to a new home and family so will need someone who is around for much of the day - a cat experienced person who understands the need to take things slowly.

They should be the only pets in the home and with only older children and adults.

Chrissie and Lorna have had a bad start to their young lives and have been let down by humans,  but we have promised them that the good times are just round the corner.

Applicants need to

Be within 1 hour's drive of Barnsley.
Apply via the online Perfect Match Form
We read thoroughly, and consider every Perfect Match Form that arrives.
As we're all very busy volunteers, unfortunately we can't reply to all of the many, many applications we receive (sometimes that can be 100 applications for one cat!). 
If the perfect match person comes along, we'll endeavour to make contact within 10 days of the Advertising Date.
Please don't ring, text, email etc.

Thank you.