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Female 11 Months

This gorgeous little lady was brought into the branch by RSPCA Inspectors....and she was heavily pregnant so she gave birth to, and reared her babies in the home of one of our amazing fosterers.

Poppy has been a brilliant mum to her 4 kittens but now it's time to put her paws up and relax.......so she is still enjoying being pampered in the same home, but now all the attention is centered on her !!

She is still only a youngster herself and has clearly missed out on a lot of her kittenhood.....her fosterer says that now that she has got her "mum duties" out of the way she is very playful and enjoys lots of fuss, particularly enjoying curling up on his lap in the evenings purring her little head off.

And as you can see she also has the longest white whiskers you've ever seen !!!